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PHOENIX CHESS TRAINER teaches Chess all over the Phoenix Valley in a fun and educational environment. We teach Private Elementary Schools, Homeschooling programs, Advanced Academies, one-one private lessons, and online lessons. We work with all ages and all levels, adjusting to each student's needs.

“Chess is not just a game
... It is the Art and Science of Reasoning.”

In addition to concentration and discipline, trained Chess players learn to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses, learn how to stay focused when they are winning, and how to try even harder when they are losing. They learn to plan every move, yet keep their mind open to creative solutions. Chess builds confidence, because playing chess really makes you smarter.

And best of all, the more you learn about Chess the more you can appreciate the beauty and wonder of a well-played game, and you’ll understand why Chess is enjoyed by over a billion people, and has been the world’s most popular game for more than a thousand years.


Our Philosophy

 We became Chess instructors not only because we love the Game, but because we believe that chess greatly improved our lives; the discipline of chess gave us focus and self-confidence that led to success in all areas of our lives.
We believe that chess instruction benefits students of all ages and experience levels, so we create an individual learning plan for every one of our students.  Whatever their goals and aspirations are, we think every student can have their lives enriched with the right Chess training.


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